X -x-x-x-x- X
It was relentless; the constant hum, the never ceasing noise in her head as she tried to think of any way out of this. Loud, cracking, pounding dissonance as the world went static and red.

He loomed over her. He was waiting. Waiting for her to crumble so he could pounce. She never saw this coming. Never knew what hit her until it did. Wave after wave of cold and hot washed over her skin leaving tingling pangs in their wake.

He moved in. He smelled it on her. His hand met her skin. Ice, burning to her core. Was it possible for pain like this to exist? Did others feel like this? Had he done this to anyone else? Perhaps he had. It made sense she wasn't the only one.

He pushed her down, hard surface pressing against her back as everything attacked her senses. The way he touched her, hands claiming her body like property. The smell of his sweat, a perfume that would haunt her in the night. A distant clock ticking, reminding her of the reality she couldn't escape.

She pleaded, he didn't stop. Begging only made it worse. He wouldn't stop. It had gone too far. She knew what he wanted. He wanted her to give in, give up. Surrender to this assault, drown in this misery.

She had feared this her whole life. She always knew someday this would happen to her, it was only a matter of time. Trust no one. People only betray you in the end. Difficult to live a life like that, but it was self-preservation.

It was cold and lonely there, but so much worse here. The pounding heartbeats flooding her ears as her voice cried out in protest. Was that a zipper? Her eyes began to sting as the world closed in, overwhelming her. That damn perfume. Was she breathing anymore?

There was no escape. She knew that. She could run but he would only find her again. There was no real way to escape him, escape this terror. He wanted her surrender. Would that be easier? Would it be easier to just give in and let him have his way?

No. It was so much harder to let it go. To let go of her last control, her last defiance. To admit she was weak, pathetic and small. So small compared to him. So small under him. It cracked, broke and shattered under his weight, the weight of his eyes staring into her. Blue as day, strong as fire.

She was the victim, he the victor. He had won and there was nothing left to do but give him what he wanted and admit her final defeat.

She took one last breath and conceded the battle as she spoke.

"I love you, too."

And the assault continued.