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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Culture Club
By SnookiPly26


It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and
Mikey Craig a disk jocky was with some friends when something caught his eye a guy who wore lots of
makeup. The guy wearing lots of makeup wasn't alone he was with a friend who had blonde hair and was also wearing a bit of
makeup. Mikey went up to the 2 men and said Hi my name is Mikey I'm forming a band and I need
someone who can sing mikey said.
Well I can sing George said I'm George by the way and this is my friend Maz said George pointing to his blonde hair
Pleased to meet u George & maz mikey said sure I would love to join ur band
George exclaimed that's great meet me at the burrow at 11
mikey said. Ok cool.
Later that day a handsome man named Jon Moss saw a notice
that a disk jockey was forming a band so Jon went to the burrow and saw mikey and said Excuse me r u
the disk jockey that's forming a band? Jon asked. Yeah are
u here about the notice? Mikey said yeah I saw it and
decided to join this band Jon said
Have u had any experience being in a band? Mikey asked yeah I have I'm a
experienced drummer
I have being in 3 other bands as a drummer Jon said. That's great well you're
in mikey said

The very same day George came to the burrow and saw mikey
talking to another guy mikey looked up and saw George and said ah George ur here there's someone I want you to meet
George went over and mikey said George this is Jon Moss our new drummer Jon
turned around and saw George and said Hi George nice to meet you George &
Jon shook hands
George couldn't believe our cute Jon
Jon fell in love with George
He was captured by George's beauty
even though Jon wasn't sure if he was a guy or a girl but
he did look like a girl even though his name is george
From the moment George & Jon met they had chemistry that was undeniable

George could tell that he and Jon had chemistry. George instantly fell in love
with Jon from the second he met the handsome drummer.
One day Jon, George & mikey met an ex-hairdresser name
Roy Hay, roy has had experience with a guitar so Jon thought roy perfect but they had one problem
they had to sack their current lead guitarist John Suede. Soon after John Suede was sacked Roy
joined and soon they became Culture Club.
In 1982 the band released their first album kissing to Be Clever with their hit
smash single do you really wanna hurt me. People were confused when they first saw Boy George they
thought George looked like a woman. The paper soon started saying IS IT A GIRL

a few months after Culture Club formed the band were rehearsing at the burrow
and the door started knocking I'll get it roy said getting
up to get the door
Roy opened the door and said hi can I help u?
Yeah is Jon in there? Said a voice

Uh yeah he's here
Um Jon someone is here for see u
Jon was confused but got up went to the door and saw a young blonde girl
Hi honey said the girl
Hi what r u doing here? Jon asked
What can't I see
my fiancée the girl said smiling
R u Jon's fiancée? Roy asked the girl
Yeah I am
We've being dating for 5 months
And we've being engaged for 2 months

George was doing something when heard that and got really upset and went into
another room and slammed the door
George had no idea that his crush was engaged
What's up with him? roy asked
i don't know? jon said
jon had no idea george was in love with him that was why george was upset
george was in the other room crying and was heartbroken that his crush was
roy went to see why george was so upset
roy knocked on the door and said hey george u ok?
No the guy I'm hopelessly in love
with is engaged
That's bad

i'm hopelessly in love with him
george let roy in the room
u ok george? roy asked once he was in the room
not really george said wiping his tears with his
awwwwww cheer up
does the guy ur in love with have any feelings for u? roy asked
i don't know it's kinda hard if he does when he's engaged george

yea that's true
who's the guy ur in love with? roy asked
george blushed deep and whispered jon
huh i didn't catch that george roy said
it's jon george said a bit louder who was going really red at the mention of
his crush
what ur in love with jon?? asked roy who looked shocked
yeah i have been in love with him from the second i met
him george said blushing again
Aaaaawwww that's soo cute George roy said smiling
george laughed
i can't tell jon how I feel about him
cos he's still engaged
but i don't know how i'm gonna tell him george said
Why don't I keep his
fiancée? Busy while u tell jon how u
feel roy suggested
really u do that for me? george asked
yea of course jon needs to know how u feel about him.
awwww thanks roy george said
ur worries roy smiled
i'll go and grab jon for u
ok thanks roy
roy left to go and get jon
while roy was gone to get jon george was trying to figure out how he was gonna
tell jon he's in love with him
then suddenly george heard a knock
who is it? george asked
it's jon
george took a deep breath and let jon in
hey u ok u looked upset before
yeah I didn't know u were engaged
George said looking hurt
Oh I'm sorry George
Look anyway that's not the reason why
I wanted to talk to u
I need to tell u something George said
what is it? jon asked
george took a deep breath and said i'm in love with u
george blushed really bad
You are? jon asked
george nodded
i have being since the day we met
I've kept my feelings for u a secret
until now
my feelings for u have grown everyday
i can't stop thinking about u jon
george said blushing
jon smiled said i love u too
george's jaw dropped and said you do?
Yeah jon said
ur beauty captured my heart jon said smiling
you stole my heart jon said
i've had a crush on u george when we first met jon added
with a smile
george blushed really bad
But what about your fiancée?
george asked trying to ignore his red face
i wanna be with u george
I cant hide my feelings for u anymore
i don't love her
anymore cos im in love with u
george couldn't believe jon shared
the same feelings and he wanted to be with him and not his fiancée
jon wrapped his arms around george's waist and gently kissed him
george melted when jon kissed him
george couldnt believe he was in jon's arms kissing him
things couldn't get any better
The moment between George & Jon were interrupted by
jon's fiancée?
honey i'll be at home said the girl
ok jon called out
the girl left
george and jon were still in the room talking
r u gonna tell her it's over? george asked his soon to be lover
yeah dont worry i'll tell her tonight
jon wrapped his arms around george and pull him gently closer to him and kissed
him and said i love u
george blushed and replied i love u too
jon saw george's face going red and smiled
u look really cute when u blush jon said smiling
george went even redder
awwwwwww it suites u
jon gave george a loving kiss

But one day Culture Club was just about to go on stage but there was one
problem George had locked himself in the car and wouldn't come out.
What roy and mikey didn't know was
that George & jon had a fight and geore had locked himself in the car and now he won't come out.
Roy walked into the dressing room and found jon getting ready when roy said
jon, jon!!
jon looked up and roy said george won't come out of the car.
so roy, mikey and jon went to the car park
jon knocked on the car and asked is defiantly in there?
Come on George dont be a prat not today jon said
how are we gonna get him out? roy asked
roy and mikey were looking at jon
what r u looking at me for? jon asked
he might be upset about something roy said
jon took a deep breath
roy and mikey decided to leave
george can we talk about this please, pretty please
jon looked around and said plz babe plz i want to talk
about this
nothing george did not get out of the car and jon was getting annoyed
grrrr fine let him suffocate!! jon said he left
Tears began to roll down george's cheeks he did felt a bit guilty
after a hour jon came to to try again he had calmed down

when jon got to the car he didnt say anything instead he started breathing on
the car window and he was drawing something. Once jon had finished he left without a word and george
looked at the window and saw the love heart and it melted george.
Awwwwww how sweet george thought to himself with a smile
It worked george was out of the car and into the building he was walking up to
catch up with his band when something made him stop. he turned his head to his left and saw a blonde
It was his ex-boyfriend Kirk Brandon
they made eye contact but never said a word to each other
george put his glasses on and left to find his band.
george saw his band were already on stage waiting for him.
george looked at jon and jon smiled
After the band had performed george decided to say sorry
to jon.
Hey jon can i talk to u for a minute? george asked
sure jon said
george and jon went into a private room
what's up? jon asked
i just wanna say i'm sorry about earlier
it's ok
i felt really guilty so i wanted to say sorry george said

it's ok babe
jon pulled george closer to him and gave him a loving kiss and said love u
love u too jon geoge said
george was just about to go when jon pulled his arm and said wait
what's up? george asked
i think it would be a good idea if we're seen not
but why? george asked looking hurt
george was
cared that jon would change his mind and wanted to go back to his soon to be ex
well i haven't told my finacee that it's over yet jon said
when r u gonna tell her? george asked
don't worry i'll tell her soon
i want to be with
u, I want to hold hands with u
proudly out
i wanna proudly
show u off to my
friends and say this is my boyfriend jon but how can i when ur still engaged to her
i'm sorry
will ok just not yet i don't know how i'm gonna tell her
just say i'm sorry but I've fallen in
love with someone else and the wedding is off
ok u convinced me jon said
i'll do it tonight ok i'm seeing her tonight
that nite jon went to see his finacee
Carol jon called out
in the kitchen said a voice from the kitchen
hi honey said a voice
hi um can we talk? jon asked
sure the couple went to the living room and sat down
What's wrong jon?
I'm sorry to do this to u carol but
the wedding is off
What why??
Cos I've fallen
head over heels in love with someone else
But I love u jon
I'm sorry but the wedding is still
Jon took of his engagement ring and placed it on the table and said I'm sorry it's over

Jon left.
Carol was hurt and upset that jon told her that he's in love with someone else and that the wedding is off.
Meanwhile george was at home waiting for jon when finally about 5 minutes later
jon was back
Hey jon
Hey babe
So did u tell her?
Yea I told her I'm in love with
someone else and the wedding is off jon said going to george and sitting down
next to him.
Now we can finally be together jon said
Jon and george kissed
Now u can proudly show me off babe jon said smiling
Yeah George said with a smile
I love u George

Love u too jon
Jon gave George a loving kiss
Soon jon had his arms wrapped around George and he gently pulled him closer and
deepened the kiss

George was so happy jon wasn't
engaged anymore so now he can proudly show jon off as his new boyfriend
That nite in bed
Jon wrapped his arms around george's waist and pulled him closer and gave him a loving kiss
Love you jon said
Love u too Jon George said
Jon soon deepened the kiss
George felt himself wanting jon so badly
Oh god I want u so badly jon George moaned
I need u really bad George said wanting jon more and more

Jon smiled
Yea u want me baby? Jon asked
Yea I want u so badly
Jon started to kiss George's neck

George started to moan
Oh jon plz don't stop
George's eyelids started to flutter
in pleasure
Oh god jon ur so good
I'm just warming up jon said smiling

Jon started to remove George's
clothes and he threw it on the floor
Jon started to kiss all over George's
Oh god jon don't stop that feels so
good George moaning
Jon took off his clothes and kept going
Mmmmmm jon that feels good
Oh god jon I want u in me George moaned loudly
Yea u want me to fuck u baby
Mmmmmmmmmmm baby fuck me George moaned loudly
With pleasure baby jon said
Jon got on top of george and thrusted himself in his lover
He started slowly making sure George could feel it
Can it feel it baby? Jon asked
Yes oh god it feels so good George moaned
Oh god don't stop plz jon George
Jon went a bit faster thrusting himself into his lover
Oh yeah
Omg that feels good George said moaning
Jon thrusted a bit harder making George moan louder
Oh god George moaned his eyelids fluttering
U like that baby?
Oh god yes
Oh god I want u George moaned loudly wanting his sexy lover really bad
Yeah u want me baby jon asked
Oh god yes I want u
George couldn't
stop moaning
How horny are u my baby ? Jon asked as he was thrusting himself into his
Im so horny George moaned louder
Oh god don't stop plz it feels soo
Jon went faster and faster
Omg jon don't stop that feels sooo
good George moaned
Jon kept going
Jon went so fast George started to scream in pleasure
Jon thrusted himself so hard into his lover
George threw his head back on the pillow his eyelids fluttering
George lost control but he couldn't
help it felt so good and Jon was amazing

Jon stopped and soon he was sucking George off
George let out a loud gasp of pleasure
Jon was sucking him slowly it felt soo good
Oh baby don't stop
Mmmmmmm u taste soo good
Omg baby don't stop
Jon went faster
George couldn't believe how amazing
jon was
Mmmmmm u taste soo good baby jon moaned
Oh god that feels soo good jon
Omg baby I need u soo bad
George moaned again
Mmmmmm u taste so good baby
Omg baby
Oh fuck baby I'm so horny

George was turned on real bad when jon started to suck him
Jon was still
sucking his moaning lover
OMG George moaned
Oh jon don't stop plz
U like this don't u baby? Jon asked

Yeah it feels soo good
Jon sucked faster making his lover squeal with pleasure
Oh yeah baby don't stop
Omg feels soo good
Mmmmm u taste so good baby
Oh god jon ur soooo good
Faster baby faster George moaned
Jon sucked faster and harder non stop till George cried out
Good baby cum in my mouth
Come in me baby Jon moaned
Ohhhhhhh yea baby don't stop im so
Jon went really fast
Ohhhhhhhhhhh baby don't stop im
really close to cumming George moaned loudly
Good cum for me baby Jon moaned
Omg baby Ur so good
Oh fuck baby don't stop
George couldn't stop moaning
Jon sucked George harder
Oh fuck I want u baby George moaned loudly as he threw his
head back on the pillow
George felt himself cum in jon's mouth
OH GOD BABY FEELS SOO GOOD WHEN U SUCK ME OFF George screamed with pleasure

Yeah u like that baby?
Ohhhhhhh yeah baby keep going
cumming baby
Jon kept going making George cum
keep cumming in my mouth baby Jon moaned

George was moaning really loud

baby u taste so good Jon moaned
George was still
Don't stop plz baby I want u sooo bad
George moaned
Jon kept on sucking his lover
Fuck u taste so good baby Jon moaned
Oh baby I want u so bad George moaned
The 2 lovers were moaning loudly
Oh yea baby don't stop
Jon kept sucking his lover off
Oh god baby
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby
Gonna suck u hard baby Jon moaned
Jon sucked George hard making George moan loudly
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby
Oh yea
Don't stop baby feels sooo good
Jon licked the cum from George's cock

Ohhhhhhhhhhh baby George moaned loudly
Mmmmmmmmmm baby feels sooo good
Fuck I love the taste of ur cum baby Jon moaned
Omg baby George said breathlessly
George threw his head on the pillow
Jon was still licking the cum from his lover
Mmmmmm baby don't stop George moaned
Mmmmmmmmmm fuck baby u taste so good baby Jon moaned loud
Oh god baby don't stop it feels sooo
good George moaned loudly
OMG baby George said breathlessly
Oh god I want u George moaned
Want u too baby Jon moaned
Oh god im so horny George moaned
Mmmmmm me to baby jon moaned
Ooh baby George moaned when Jon was licking his body
You like that my baby? Jon asked
Mmmmm feels soo good baby George moaned
George gripped the sheets while moaning
Jon was still licking his lover
Mmmmmm u taste so good baby jon moaned
ohh baby george moaned
omg baby
oh god baby u taste soo good jon moaned
oooh babe george moaned and gripped the sheets
It's my turn babe
george said
ok babe
jon laid on the bed and george got on top of jon
jon put his hands on george's waist and george started to ride jon
oooh babe ride me jon moaned
george rode slow
ohhhhhhh babe feels soo good jon moaned
mmmmmmmm baby u feel sooo good george moaned
george went faster and harder
omg baby
oh god baby dont stop jon moaned
george thrusted harder
jon gripped the sheets as he was moaning
ohhhhhhhh baby
george thrusted harder and faster
mmmmmmmmmm baby
i love u george jon moaned loudly
love u too jon george moaned
george went harder
baby soo good jon moaned
george went faster
omg soo good babe
ohhhhhhhhhhhh soooooo good babe
OMG BABY DON'T STOP jon moaned soo
Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck jon u feel sooo good in me george moaned
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm baby don't stop

George went faster making jon moan

George and Jon were lying in bed sweating and breathless
Omg Jon that was amazing George said
Yea jon said also breathless
The couple fell asleep in each other's arms
One day George, Jon, Mikey, Roy, Alison and Maz decided go down and have a
Jon decided he would go first he wanted to sing a song to George.
Let him know how much he loves him.
This song is for someone very special in my life I love u baby Jon said proudly

George smiled and blushed
Awwwwww Alison said
Wow he must be really in love with u girl maz said to George
George smiled and said yea

It's Your Love Tim McGraw
Dancing in the dark
Middle of the night
Taking your heart
Holding it tight
Emotional touch
Touching my skin
Askin' you to do
What you've been doing
All over again
Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in
I've just gotta let you know
What it is that won't let me go
Jon looks at George who's blushing really bad while jon was

It's your love
Just does something to me
Sends a spark right through me
I can't get enough
And if you wonder
'Bout the spell I'm under
It's your love

Better than I was
More than I am
All of that happened
By taking your hand
Who I am now
Is who I've wanted to be
Now that we're together
Stronger than ever, happy and free
Oh, it's a beautiful thing
Don't think I can keep it all in
And if you ask me why I'll change
All I gotta do is say your sweet name
Jon walks up to a very red
George as he's singing then Jon takes George's hand
and smiles and continue to

It's your love
Just does something to me
Sends a shock right through me
Can't get enough
And if you wonder
'Bout the spell I'm under
It's your love
clapped after the song ended
Jon went up to George and gave him a loving kiss which made George even red
Awwwwww said a few people when they saw jon kiss George
Later that nite George & Jon decided to walk home
wasn't far
Jon & George was walking hand in hand
Can't believe u sang a song for me
Jon George said
Did u like the song babe? Jon asked
Yeah really sweet and the song is like us our relationship George said
Yea jon agreed
If u want it could be our song? Jon asked
Yea that song will be our song George said.
Love u baby Jon said as he lifted George's hand and kissed it
Love u too Jon George said.
Finally got home Jon gathers George in his arms
George gave a yelp when Jon gathered him in his arms
Hey George said with a laugh when Jon gathered him in his arms
The couple went upstairs and Jon gently laid his lover on the bed
Jon stroked George's face with his
fingers and said lovingly love u baby
Love u too Jon George said smiling
Jon bent down and gave George a loving kiss
God Ur beautiful baby jon said
George just smiled
Jon bent down again and kissed George
George wrapped his arms around jon and kissed him back
You mean so much to me baby jon said looking lovingly at his lover
Never wanna lose u baby jon said
I'll be lost without u Jon said
Jon looked deep into George's
gorgeous green eyes
U have the most gorgeous green eyes baby Jon said getting lost into George's green eyes
George smiled
Jon pulled his lover closer and kissed him
Jon and George cuddled close to each other and fell alseep.
the next day jon woke up and saw george was stil asleep

Jon smiled at his sleeping
lover and learned forward and gently kissed George and whispered love u baby.
That night George and Jon went out to the blitz club.
George saw his old boss Steve strange. Hi Steve George greeted his old boss. Steve turned around and
saw his old employee and said hello George. How are u? How's business? George asked. Iit's doing very
well steve replied back. George?? Said a voice. George
turned around and saw maz. Heyyy girl what u doing here? George asked after he ran to his friend and
hugged him. Im out with some other friends I had no idea u were coming. Maz said I didn't know u were here girl george said. Hey jon maz said Hey maz jon said. Are u guys coming in? maz asked

Yea George and jon followed Maz

george, jon and maz went inside and saw the club
was packed

wow its really packed in here tonight george said

the club was loud and packed

oh look rusty's here tonight must be on nite shift george called out

Hey rusty! george called out

The blonde guy saw george and

Hey babes
wanna dance? Jon

sure george said with a smile

jon took george's hand

maz was watching the couple dance and smile and thought to

awwww they soo cute together i hope they last!

just then maz saw a tall blonde guy

oh no maz said

shit kirk's here maz thought to himself

George was too busy
having fun dancing with jon to notice his exe was at the club.

jon held george close and said love u soo much

george smiled and said love u too

jon leaned forward and kissed george

george wrapped his arms around jon's neck and kissed jon back.

just then jon saw his lover's exe and said shit babe kirk's here

what? kirk's here george said looking around the club then
he saw his exe

oh shit is he here

but it was too late kirk spotted george

oh shit he saw us babe george said

kirk came over and said hello george

hello george said

it was so awkward between the exe


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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