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The "Frankie" File Folder
By Rainbow Composer


This is the first Frerard piece I have EVER written.
I don't own the band or their family members...and this never happened, to the best of my knowledge.
This is the FIRST in a series of multifandom challenge topics given to me by a couple of friends.
The prompt for this one was "File Folder" (hence the title).
Feedback is greatly appreciated! (=


It felt like he was starting to get just a little too old for all of this shit; and by ``shit'',
Frank Iero meant his three little angels and all the work associated with them. Oh, he loved his
babies to death and would do anything in the world for them, sure, but sometimes…well.
Sometimes, it got to be too much for him to handle. He knew without a doubt that he was a good
father, but that didn't make being a parent any less exhausting of a job. Having Jamia to share the
responsibility with definitely made things easier, though he hadn't realized just how much of a help
his now ex-wife was until about three days ago.

``Frank, are you absolutely sure you'll be alright while I'm gone?'' she had said.

``Pfft, are you kidding? It`s only like two week. I`m a master at this kid thing, I got this!''
he had said.

Five days. That was all it took. Five days without her to call for backup was all it took before he
realized that no. No, he most certainly didn't ``got'' anything.

``Daddy! Hurry up!''

``I think we're late already!''

With a sigh, Frank glanced behind him at the twin toddlers standing in identical poses, arms crossed
and pouting at him. ``Just a little, it's not a big deal. I just have to get your brother out,'' he
assured them, returning his attention to the one still in his car seat. Miles obediently lifted his
arms out of the way of the buckled safety restraints, smiling at his father in an almost knowing
way. ``Girls, huh?'' Frank muttered loudly enough for his daughters to hear, grinning as he heard
them offering up protests. Once Miles was in his arms, he slammed the door of the SUV shut, giving a
nod toward the house. ``I thought you girls were in a hurry. Let's get a move on!'' As Cherry and
Lily let out excited squeals, breaking into a run for the front door of his best friend`s house,
Frank couldn't help but chuckle.

He was lucky, he knew. So unbelievably lucky, and in so many different ways. At the moment, however,
the thing for which he was most grateful wasn't what one might expect. More than anything, he was
thankful for the angel that lived in this house. The most gorgeous creature he had ever met, whose
beauty transcended the physical plane; whose radiant soul managed to shine through the suffocating
darkness of even the worst of situations; the complete saint that had saved his ass this time
around. That person's name was, of course--

``LINDSAY!'' both girls screamed in absolute delight as the door opened, revealing an energetic
looking woman with an equally excited expression on her face.

``I wondered when my ladies were getting here!'' she grinned, quick as always to kneel down on the
floor to wrap her arms around the children in a hug. With both of the little ones clinging to her,
she raised her eyes to meet Frank's, an amused look still on her face. Pulling back ever so
slightly, she gestured over her shoulder into the house. ``You should go find my daughter and ask
her what takes her so long to put on a pair of shoes!'' At the mention of their friend, Cherry and
Lily were off again. Standing up again, Lindsay watched after them only for a moment before looking
back at Frank, a huge smirk on her face. ``Have they managed to break Daddy yet?''

Frank let out a sound that was halfway between a groan and a laugh, at the same time that Miles
began giggling in his arms. ``I don't know what you're talking about,'' he sighed, rubbing at his
eyes with his free hand. Lindsay just shook her head, stepping forward with outstretched arms to
take the littlest Iero from Frank. ``You know I appreciate this, right? The girls wouldn't shut up
about it last night. They love you and B.''

``Oh my God, she's been driving me crazy!'' she rolled her eyes, keeping her eyes on Miles as he
continued to giggle for some unknown reason; much like his father in that aspect, now that she
thought about it. ``All she's been talking about is when is she going to get to play with her best
friends again. And I figured me taking the kids might be a nice break for you. At first I had
thought about sending Bandit over to see you, but…well, I figured that might be a little

``I have a hard enough time with only three, thank you very much,'' Frank admitted with a sheepish
smile. ``I'm not sure how taking all four of them to the zoo by yourself sounds like fun. You sure
you're up for it?''

Looking him straight in the eye, Lindsay replied cockily, ``Of course I am. I'm a mom.'' Eyes wide,
he simply nodded, accepting this answer immediately. He wasn't about to argue there; he knew full
well that moms were the shit.

While he was going through a mental checklist to make sure he had remembered everything, she stuck
her head back in the house and called for the girls. Cherry and Lily were quick to return, another
girl only a bit older now with them. ``Well, look at you, Bandit! You got bigger when I wasn't
looking,'' he teased. The little girl paused for a moment, pushing her dark sunglasses down to stare
up at him with an incredulous look on her face, one eyebrow raised. The expression was one he was
extremely familiar with, sadly.

``Frankie, please. I simply couldn't possibly stop to chat right now. Don't you
know I have very important business to attend to?''

Even as Lindsay began scolding her for her rudeness, Frank cracked up laughing. Apparently, Bandit
was being completely serious, because she didn't take kindly to being laughed at. A huge pout came
onto her face, and she stomped toward the car without another word to him. With quick goodbyes to
their father, the twins were quick to follow, leaving the adults to say their farewells.

``Well, I just filled it with gas, and the keys are in the ignition,'' Frank said a bit awkwardly.
``Thanks again for this, Linds. I know you treat them like your own, and I really appreciate it.''

``Any time,'' she smiled as he leaned forward to press a kiss to Miles' forehead. ``You know I love
having them. You and Gerard have a good talk while we're gone, alright?'' As she made a move to
leave, Frank caught her gently by the arm, staring sincerely into her eyes.

``I mean it,'' he told her softly. ``You're an amazing person, and I don't tell you that nearly
enough. I love you.''

``I love you, too, Frank,'' she smiled genuinely back, ``but I think you should save those words for
my husband.'' Frank's face went red, mouth falling open in surprise. Heart beating wildly in his
chest, he stuttered for a few moments, trying to form some kind of intelligent response. Waving away
any protest he might have, she added in a far more serious tone, ``I meant what I said, Frank. I
think the two of you have a lot of talking to do.''

Swallowing the lump that seemed to have formed suddenly in his throat, the guitarist finally
muttered, ``Linds, that was all a long time ago. You know that.''

The almost pitying look she was giving him made him feel ten million times more uncomfortable with
the situation than he already was, which was a pretty impressive achievement. ``It's okay, Frank,''
she said quietly. ``And…whatever happens, I won't get mad. I promise. You just promise
me you'll work things out for good this time. Seeing the two of you like this is killing

Frank just nodded numbly, staring straight ahead without really seeing while she turned to load the
kids back into his vehicle. Her words swam through his head, leaving him feeling dizzy. It wasn't
until the SUV was pulling out of the driveway that he snapped out of it, raising an unsteady hand to
wave as they drove out of sight. Turning to look at the house, he instantly felt himself fill with

Though he tried his damnedest to hide it, he knew that it was no secret to Lindsay that he was,
indeed, still in love with her husband. Admittedly, yes, he had been devastated when Gerard had
decided without warning to get married, but after meeting the energetic little bassist of MSI, he
knew there was no way he would ever be able to hold it against her. She and Gerard really were the
perfect couple, and he was forced to realize and accept that. He had also ultimately been forced to
suck it up, gather what was left of his pride for the sake of the band, and move on with life. So
much had happened in both of their lives since then that he liked to think that both his feelings
and whatever he and his vocalist might have had were a thing of the past, even if he knew damn well
that wasn't true. Whatever Gerard might think of him now, and no matter how many times Frank tried
denying it, the younger was painfully aware of the way he felt. Some feelings didn't go away just
because you knew they should.

You want to talk about things that put a strain on a friendship already stretched to its breaking

Standing on the porch rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet like some kind of insecure
teenager wasn't going to make anything better, though. Steeling himself for whatever might be in
store for him, he somehow convinced his feet to carry him across the threshold into the house,
shutting the door silently behind him. Kicking off his shoes out of respect, he curiously looked
around the room. No sign of Gerard…

Then, from upstairs, came a very loud, very deliberate, ``Fuck!'' At once, Frank knew where he
needed to look.

Gerard had just come out into the hallway when he reached the top of the stairs. He stopped in his
tracks when he saw Frank, the two of them simply staring at each other for what felt like hours. ``I
take it Linds and the kids are gone already,'' the taller of the two said at last, breaking the
tense silence that had settled between them.

``Y-yeah,'' Frank stuttered slightly, transfixed by his best friend's eyes. ``I, uh. I had her take
my car, so…'' Trailing off, he took his gaze off of Gerard's face, and noticed for the first
time something blatantly obvious. Previous thoughts forgotten, he couldn't help but let out a snort
of laughter. ``What the hell did you do?''

Looking down at his own attire, Gerard couldn't help but laugh, too. ``Shit, you're going to think
I'm so stupid,'' he chuckled. His entire shirt was soaked through with black, streaks splattered
down his jeans. Holding up his hands, Frank could see that his arms were caked in the paint up to
his wrists, and now that he looked closer there was a definite smear on his left cheek as well.

``I knocked over something I shouldn't have,'' he offered as what was surely a shortened, more
dignified version of what had really happened. ``Paint all over the fucking room. I got most of it
cleaned up, but…''

``You're going to want to go take a shower and get that shit off of you,'' Frank giggled, gleefully
trying to imagine what the room must look like. ``I can try to help clean up while you're in

``Well, I've gotten all that's possible,'' Gerard sighed. ``The rest is all stained into the carpet
and shit. I'll worry about it later.'' Perking up slightly, he added, ``But, hey, there's something
I've been wanting to talk to you about. I think I came up with this pretty cool guitar part, but
Lindsay says that's your department so I should get your input. Got some pretty kickass lyrics down,
too. I shouldn't be too long in the shower, but I keep all that shit in the studio in my desk if you
want to take a look. I, like, completely organized everything just recently, so it should be super
easy to find.''

``Sure, just send me into the heart of the explosion,'' Frank teased as he turned to head down the
hall. Gerard's voice behind him made him freeze.

``Paint didn't spill in the studio. That would`ve been too convenient.''

Frowning slightly, he glanced back over his shoulder. ``Where was it, then?''

``Bandit's room. No idea why the hell she had that much black paint just sitting around

This set Frank off on another fit of giggles, grinning widely even as Gerard flipped him off.
Shaking his head, he continued the rest of the way down the hallway until he reached the studio.

This room alone made it worth stopping in to visit the Way household. When two artists were living
together under the same roof, it was bound to get interesting. This room was proof of that. This was
where both Lindsey and Gerard worked on whatever projects they had going on at the time; one side of
the room was designated to each. Even if Frank had been unfamiliar with the styles of either and
couldn't tell whose side was whose from the various sketches and paintings hanging around, the
assortment of basses on only one side were a bit of a giveaway. It also helped that Gerard had
mentioned having just organized his stuff recently; one of the desks appeared nice and neat, while
the other looked as if it hadn't been touched in months.

Whistling under his breath, Frank headed to Gerard's side. After a few seconds of critically
examining the wooden chair pushed under the desk (it didn`t look very stable…), he pulled it
out and took a seat. Thankfully the thing was a lot more comfortable than it looked. Staring at the
various drawers in front of him, he figured he might as well start somewhere. The first drawer he
tried revealed itself to be full of various drawing materials: pencils of every color, sticks of
charcoal, sheets of paper, empty folders, etc. The second drawer contained nothing but a stack of
official looking documents that Frank didn't feel comfortable looking through. Of the remaining
drawers, two were exceptionally larger than the rest. Mentally rolling his eyes at his own
stupidity, he randomly chose one of them to check first. At once, he knew he had hit gold, even if
he wouldn't be finding anything music-related here.

What he had found instead was a collection of some of Gerard's drawings, filed away neatly in the
same type of folders as were in the first drawer. Ever since he had first gotten a glimpse of
Gerard's art, Frank had been hooked. He was a huge fan of just about anything his friend did,
really. With the way things had been tense between the two of them lately, it had been a while since
he had been shown anything new that he had done. Glancing toward the doorway, he figured he still
had a lot of time before he had to worry about Gerard coming back. Not that he thought he would mind
Frank taking a look, but…well, he liked to think he was being sneaky. Much like a ninja, if
you will. That was definitely Frank Iero's style, alright…

The first file folder he pulled out was labeled Umbrella Academy, and Frank found himself
grinning in anticipation. He had, naturally, been a huge supporter of this project since the very
beginning when it was no more than a concept in Gerard's head. The finished product was incredible,
no doubt, but what held in his hands now was even more so. Gabriel had done an amazing job with the
artwork for the series, but Frank knew that nothing could compare to Gerard's original character
sketches. He handled each page with the utmost of care as he looked through them for the first time,
grin widening as he came across sketches of characters that so far hadn't been so much as mentioned
in the published works yet. He couldn't wait to find out what the stories behind them were.

Closing up the folder and sliding it back into its place, another folder caught his eye:
Dreams / Nightmares. Well aware that the images here were definitely more personal than
the last sketches, he was a bit hesitant about taking this one out. In the end, though, his natural
curiosity got the better of him.

The very first drawing made him gasp in surprise. It was a very surreal drawing, nothing concrete
that he could recognize, but it took his breath away nonetheless. There was so much color, arranged
in beautiful designs that his brain didn't fully understand. Considering the category, however, he
supposed he shouldn't have been surprised; he wouldn't even know where to begin expressing some of
the things he had seen in his own dreams. Turning the page, he was in for another shock. This
time, however, it wasn't a pleasant one.

He was staring at an extremely realistic drawing of a corpse. The sockets staring back at him were
empty, the skin around the eyeless holes peeled back so that the man's raw meat was showing,
glistening with a sick wetness. The entire side of the head had been bashed in, bloodied brain
matter sticking to his hair and splattering the floor. The mouth was open in a silent scream,
allowing Frank to see only all too well that every tooth had been ripped out. A disgusting mixture
of blood and saliva was steadily trickling past dry cracked lips down his chin. Getting over the
horror of what he was seeing took some time, but once he did, Frank finally tore his eyes away from
the head to look at the rest of the body. Immediately, he wished he hadn't.

There wasn't anything wrong with the body, necessarily. But those clothes. Oh, fuck,
those clothes…

How often had he worn that outfit since Danger Days came out? The clothes that were so easily
identifiable with Party Poison…

The man Gerard had drawn mutilated beyond all recognition was himself.

At this realization, nausea overtook him. He almost lost it as he gagged, quickly shutting the
folder as hard as he could. His entire body shaking, Frank just sat there for a few minutes with his
eyes squeezed tightly shut, as if he could somehow squish the image out of his mind's eye. Why?!
Why would Gerard draw something like that? Remembering the label on the folder, another shudder
went through his body. Oh, God, had he actually dreamed that? With shaking hands, he
returned the folder to its rightful place in the drawer.

He was about to call it quits right there and take a look at what he had actually been sent in to
see instead, but something else caught his eye. In the very back of the drawer, almost out of sight,
was a folder he hadn't seen at first; obviously, or it would have been the first one he grabbed.
Swallowing thickly, he reached for that one now. It had been yellowed ever so slightly with age,
clearly having been here much longer than any of the others. Frank remembered how much he had
complained when he spotted the first drawing laying around, but he had soon recognized it as the
compliment it was. It was funny, though, that Gerard would have kept these at all. That was what he
thought as he traced the one slightly smeared word on the label with the tip of his pointer


Feeling a lump forming in his throat, he told himself that he needed to stop. Even if Gerard had
kept all of the drawings he had done of Frank, what did that really matter, anyway? Who was to
say that meant anything? Still, with shaking hands, the guitarist opened the folder. At the very
first drawing, a wave of nostalgia washed over him. God, he looked so young here, half his
head shaved with an X over his left eye, looking off to the side with a smile on his face that
perfectly matched the one the real Frank now wore. Those days felt like a lifetime ago, yet he still
remembered them fondly, both the ups and the downs. With each page he turned, he traveled a little
further in time, his drawing-self getting older and more mature with each one. Most of them he had
seen before, but somehow he had never realized how many there were.

As he turned the page one more time, he gasped sharply. This wasn't something he had ever seen
before. Winking up at him, a wide smirk on his face, was Fun Ghoul. Bent over slightly, he had one
hand behind his back and the other extended ever so invitingly palm up. Frank's heart skipped a beat
as he realized that there was more here, more that he hadn't seen, more that Gerard had never told
him about, more than could have possibly been drawn in the time before their explosive fight. Even
with all of the anger and hurt that had come between them, Gerard hadn't stopped sketching him.

And from the level of detail in which he captured some of Frank's most recent tattoos, he must have
been paying close attention. This thought brought a faint blush to his face.

There were footsteps in the hall now, growing closer, but Frank was in too much shock to move. He
could have avoided a confrontation altogether if he had quickly put the folder back and pretended
not to have noticed, but he just couldn't make himself do it. Now the door was creaking open and he
could feel the other man's presence behind him, but still he did not move.

When he was sure Gerard was standing right behind him, he quietly asked, ``Why?'' There was no
response. Slowly, Frank forced himself to turn around, looking up at Gerard with a pleadingly.
``Please…just tell me why.''

Gerard's entire body was tense, mouth clamped firmly shut. For a few minutes, he just silently
watched Frank, a guarded look in his eyes. When he finally opened his mouth, his voice came out
shaky. ``Because your face is still absolutely perfect. One of the most beautiful I`ve ever seen.''
Frank let out a scoff.

``Right. Cheekbones and shit.''

``Frank,'' Gerard shifted uncomfortably, ``you know what I mean. You know why.''

Frank dropped the folder onto the desk, nearly knocking over the chair in his scramble to stand.
``You bastard,'' he hissed, clenching his fists and trying with all his might not to let it show
that he was on the verge of tears. ``Do you have any idea what the fuck you're doing to me?'' Gerard
met his accusing gaze for only a brief second before looking away. Frank let out a bitter laugh.
``Of course you don't. You never realize how much it fucking hurts. Do you have any idea how it
fucking feels? Do you realize how much I love--?''

``You don't think I know that?'' Gerard snapped, lifting his head to glare back at him. ``I'd have
to be an idiot not to. By now, the whole goddamn world knows you're in love with me,
alright?'' With an exasperated sigh, he ran a hand through his still wet hair.
``Frankie…please. I'm not…I don't do things to try to hurt you, okay? I'm

``Whatever,'' Frank muttered, turning away from him to wipe his eyes on the back of his sleeve. ``It
never fucking mattered to you, so why the hell should I even care?'' He yelped in surprise as he was
roughly grabbed by the arms, whimpering as his back forcefully hit the wall. ``L-let go of me!'' he
screamed, more pissed off than scared, but Gerard continued to pin him there.

``Don't you ever say that it didn't matter to me,'' the taller man growled threateningly,
though his eyes were full of pain. ``You're such a damn hypocrite. You're the one who has no
fucking idea!'' On the last three words, Gerard's voice broke into a sob, quickly releasing Frank
and turning his back on him. Eyes glistening and wide, the guitarist said nothing, simply staring at
Gerard as he began to pace. ``I'm fucking sick of being treated like the bad guy here! Do you think
it's been easy for me? Do you have any idea how hard it was to do the right thing?''

``I-I don't…''

``Of course you don't,'' Gerard snarled without looking at him, ``because the only person you ever
think of is yourself.''

``What the hell does that--?''

``How many times have I made out with Ray?'' The singer was in his face again, leaving Frank pressed
uncomfortably between him and the wall once more. ``Huh? Just for the fans' sake? What about Bob or
any of the others? When did I ever treat anyone else the way I treated you?''

``Yeah, because you knew they'd punch you in the face!'' Frank retorted hotly. ``I was the only one
who would let you get away with that shit, and you fucking knew it!''

``So I took advantage of your feelings, is that it? I was just fucking using you the whole

``I…'' Frank deflated slightly, ducking his head in shame. ``I didn't mind. I didn't care if
you were taking advantage of me. I just didn't want it to stop. Didn't take you long to get
bored of me anyway, so…'' There was silence after his words. It took him a few minutes before
he dared to look up again. When he did, he was surprised to see Gerard sitting on that
semi-questionable old chair, slumped forward with his face in his hands. At once, the anger was
slowly leaving him, replaced by the agony that always clenched around his heart whenever he saw his
friend looking like this. Cautiously, the guitarist approached the once-more-raven-haired man.
Tentatively placing a hand on his shoulder, he whispered, ``Gee?''

Frank only managed to catch a glimpse of watery hazel brown eyes before arms were suddenly wrapped
around him, pulling him closer. He tried stuttering out protests (because damn, that chair
was sketchy, no way it would hold both of them!), but they fell on deaf ears and the next thing he
knew, he was sitting on Gerard's lap. Gerard's arms stayed firmly around his middle, the singer's
face now buried in his hair, and Frank let out a soft huff. ``I'm still pissed and annoyed as fuck,
you know,'' he grumbled, ``and now I'm also hella confused.''

The arms tightened around him to an almost painful extent. ``How could you think I'd do that to you?
Is that what you really think of me?'' The voice whispering in his ear sounded so heartbreakingly
sad, completely ignoring the younger`s words. ``I love you, Frank. I've always loved you. I
would never use you like that, and I sure as hell wouldn`t get bored with you.''

Frank twisted around to look him in the face. He looked completely serious, not to mention
incredibly hurt. But still…

``What was I supposed to think, Gee? You told me that was all it was. You said that it was
just for fun, just part of the show. Just getting caught up in the moment. You said…'' Here
his voice trembled, though he did his best not to let it show. ``You said that I was stupid if I
thought any differently.''

``I know what I said,'' Gerard said quietly, ``and I had my reasons. You were married, Frank.
There was so much I wanted to say and do, but I knew I couldn't. I wasn't going to be the reason you
cheated on your wife.'' With a sigh, he rested his forehead against the shorter man's. ``I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. It wasn't right, and no matter how badly I wanted it, I couldn't trick myself
into thinking it was. So I made up some bullshit excuse and tried to force us both to move on with
our lives. You had Jamia, and I thought the two of you could work it out if I let you, so I thought
you'd be okay. And Lindsay and I had just gotten together, and I thought, you know, I could have a
future with her. I knew it would hurt, but I truly, honestly thought we'd be better off this

``It still hurts like hell every day,`` Frank admitted softly. ``But…I understand why you did
it.'' After a few minutes of silence, he eventually let out a small laugh. ``Maybe I should thank
you. In a way, maybe it was for the best,'' he said at last, wrapping his arms around the
older's neck with a small smile. ``We never would have had kids. Those little people are the most
important thing in my life now, Bandit included. I`m glad I can at least say I gave my relationship
with Jamia another chance instead of just calling it quits, even if things didn`t turn out so great
in the end afterall. At least I can still call her a friend. And fuck, I don't want to imagine a
world where I never get to meet Lindsay.''

``I love her so much,'' Gerard muttered, nuzzling his face into Frank's neck. ``She's absolutely
incredible. She saw right through me, you know. She actually scolded me after the wedding
when she found out how upset you were. She`s been trying to make me tell you how I feel for years
now, always dropping these subtle little hints.''

``Well, the hints she gave me weren't so subtle,'' Frank giggled, thinking back to earlier. Seeing
Gerard pull back to look at him questioningly, a smirk came onto his face. ``She pretty much gave me
permission to have my way with you.''

``Really?'' Gerard couldn't help the sly grin that came onto his face. Running one hand down Frank's
side, he brought it down to rest on his thigh. Frank shivered involuntarily, pressing himself closer
to him. ``Now, that's interesting…'' Before he had time to respond, Gerard had closed the gap
between them, pressing their lips together in a firm but gentle kiss.

``What happened when you kissed Frank out there on Saturday?''

``Uh, magic? Fireworks…?''

Frank laughed giddily against Gerard's lips, clinging onto him desperately as he kissed him
back. He had forgotten that, somehow, but now he remembered clearly exactly what Gerard had meant,
and he couldn't agree more with his word choice. He somehow managed to turn himself fully to
straddle the older man, tangling his hands into damp locks. It didn't take long for what had started
out slow and loving to turn passionate and intense, and soon Frank was letting out needy

Both of them jumped when Frank's pocket started vibrating, the movement causing the chair to let out
a piteous creaking noise that had Frank quickly scrambling off of Gerard and onto his feet. ``Told
you it was untrustworthy,'' he muttered in a childishly accusing tone of voice, unable to keep the
grin off of his face. Seeing who it was calling him, he frowned, the paranoid and worried father
side taking over quickly. He immediately answered, just in case. ``Hey, Lindsay, what's up?''

``Nobody's hurt or dead, so no need to worry. You sound a little out of breath, Frankie. What
have you been doing?'' Try as he may, Frank couldn't get any words to come out, instantly
blushing a deep red. Gerard must have noticed, because he could hear him snickering. ``Anyway, I'm
calling to let you know we've left the zoo. Mikey called and invited us over for dinner, so you and
Gerard are on your own. We probably won't be back until about eight. I thought you might want to

``Thanks, Linds. Good to--ah!--know,'' Frank gasped, blushing an even darker shade. Gerard
had come up behind him, wrapping his arms around his waist and beginning to suck and bite at the
sensitive skin on his neck.

The line was silent for a moment before Lindsay let out a giggle. ``I see your talk went well. Good
for you. Just try to be decent by the time we get home, that's all I ask.''

``You're terrible,'' Frank mumbled to Gerard after he had hung up. The singer just chuckled, giving
him a look so affectionate that his heart skipped a beat.

``So…we have hours to kill before we have to worry about anyone showing up, right?'' he
asked, pressing against him more firmly.

``I guess so,'' Frank smirked, placing his hands on top of Gerard's. ``Any ideas?''

``Oh, I've got quite a few,'' Gerard chuckled, leaning in to kiss him on the neck once more, ``and
they all have to do with making up for lost time…''


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