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The following is a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

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Flickering Images: A Tale of Nobuyuki Masaki
By Keiichi "Kei" Masaki


{\rtf1\ansi \deff0{\fonttbl{\f16\froman Times New Roman;}}{\colortbl;\red0\green0\blue0;\red0\green0\blue255;\red0\green255\blue255;\red0\green255\blu e0;\red255\green0\blue255;\red255\green0\blue0;\red255\green255\blue0;\red128\green128\blue128;\red2 55\green255\blue255;\red0\green0\blue128;\red0\green128\blue128;\red0\green128\blue0;\red128\green0\ blue128;\red128\green0\blue0;\red192\green192\blue192;\red0\green0\blue0;}\ftnbj \sectd\footery1080{\header \pard\plain\par }{\footer \pard\plain\par }\pard \plain\f16 \tab \tab \tab Flickering Images: A Tale of Nobuyuki Masaki\par \par \tab Tenchi and company are property of AIC and Pioneer, yatta yatta yatta.\par \par \tab I seat myself on the couch, turning the video case over in my hands. Finally, I pick up the remote, point it at the video player, and hit the play switch....\par \tab \'93I\'92m home!\'94 I quickly kill the VCR and hide look around frantically for some place to hide the box. This had been the perfect time for me to watch this video. Mihoshi and Kiyone were off patrolling the solar system, Ayeka and Ryoko were outside fighting, Sasami was visiting Washu in her lab with Ryo-ohki, Dad was up at the shrine....and most importantly, Tenchi was at school.\par \tab And now he\'92s not. Musta skipped \plain\i\f16 kendo\plain\f16 club or something. He steps in the door, heading up to his room, and he sees me in the living room. \'93Hey, Dad, whatcha doing home so early?\'94 He then sees me holding the video box and his face clouds over. \plain\i\f16 \'93Dad....\'94\plain\f16 \par \tab I look down at the box, and then back up at my son. \'93Uh, Tenchi! I didn\'92t expect you home so early! How wa--\'94\par \tab He glares at me. \'93Dad, what\'92s the video?\'94\par \tab \'93Uhh....nothing.\'94 I drop it on the table and stand up. \'93Tenchi, how much homework do you have tonight?\'94\par \tab He eyes me suspiciously. \'93None. Why?\'94\par \tab I pull out my wallet and empty every yen I have into his hands. \'93Go out. See a movie. Take the girls.\'94\par \tab \'93But, Dad--\'94\par \tab I manage a hearty laugh. \'93Well, Tenchi, get going! I\'92ll tell your grandfather to forget about practice tonight. You\'92re getting so good nowadays that he needs a break.\'94\par \tab \'93Dad?\'94 Tenchi is watching me with a worried expression. \'93Are you sure you\'92re all right?\'94\par \tab I nod quickly. \'93I\'92m fine, son. Go change into some comfortable clothes. Mihoshi and Kiyone ought to be back any minute now.\'94\par \tab He watches me for a few moments before nodding and heading up the stairs.\par \tab In the end, it takes nearly an hour to get everyone out of the house. In the process I received more than a few dirty looks from Washu and Kiyone, who think they know what my plans are. Oh, well.\par \tab The door slides shut. I watch them out the window until they\'92re out of sight, and then I settle myself in front of the TV. I\'92ve been waiting for this all day. The VCR clicks on, the tape starts playing....\par \tab Achika, wrapped in a kimono, is humming to herself while fixing breakfast. Presently, she becomes aware that there is another presence in the room, and she turns around and gasps in exaggerated shock, a playful smile on her face. \'93Nobuyuki! What are you doing?\'94\par \tab If Tenchi had looked more closely at the video box, he would have seen the label \'93Home movies--Summertime \'9284.\'94\par \tab My voice answers, clearer and stronger than it is now: \'93Just smile for the camera, love.\'94\par \tab She gestures at herself. \'93But look at me! I just got up, and I\'92m a mess!\'94\par \tab \'93You\'92re perfect,\'94 I assure her. \'93Now, just smile for me....\'94\par \tab She smirks at me for a moment, then grabs a spatula and starts singing. Even now I have to supress the urge to wince; my Achika was perfect in every way except singing voice. After a few minutes of attempting a rendition of a popular American pop tune, she stops and smiles at me. \'93\plain\i\f16 Now\plain\f16 will you turn that thing off? Your breakfast is getting cold.\'94\par \tab I laugh along with her and myself. It\'92s not that difficult to imagine her stepping out of the kitchen, wearing an apron reading \'93Kiss the Cook\'94 in English, to gently chide me about watching these videos. \'93We have plenty of time to watch memories,\'94 she would say. \'93Why don\'92t we concentrate on \plain\i\f16 making \plain\f16 some?\'94\par \tab Oh, how I wish I\'92d listened to her....\par \par \tab If you ask Tenchi what I\'92m like, he\'92d say that I\'92m somewhat self-absorbed and something of a \'93dirty old man.\'94 \par \tab If you told him that the \'93dirty old man\'94 part was a facade, he would drop on the floor laughing. When finally able to form coherent sentences, he would sputter, \'93My dad\'92s not that clever!\'94\par \tab And if you told him the reason that his father acts like this--to keep anyone he might find himself attracted to at a distance--he would give you the look that people reserve for the untreatably insane.\par \tab It\'92s all right. I suppose he has every right to think that kind of thing. I haven\'92t exactly been a good father. Not since Achika died. \par \tab He can\'92t understand what it feels like to have your very soul ripped away from you, and to know that you will never see it in this life again. Yes, Tenchi lost his mother. Yes, that is a tragedy. But he didn\'92t lose the one who made his life worth living.\par \tab I did.\par \tab But, then again, this is not knowledge I would wish on my son. This is wisdom that I would prefer to have lived in blissful ignorance of. The eighteen months I spent in a bottle after her death did little to numb this knowledge, and the years have only sharpened the pain instead of dulling it. Whoever said that time heals all wounds was either incredibly stupid or incredibly crazy.\par \tab Oh, Tenchi.\par \tab I can see the one that he loves. The knowledge would come as a great surprise to all the other girls, but I think it makes perfect sense. She is so much like Achika, so beautiful, even when angry, and so gentle. And I can see that she loves him. It\'92s a mystery to me how everyone else keeps missing it, though. Even them. \par \tab Tenchi, this is what I\'92ve been trying to tell you all along. When you see the one you want, go after her. She won\'92t be here forever. Sooner or later, someone else who isn\'92t so discreet will steal her away, or she may decide that spending her career in a backwater pining for a guy who can\'92t make up his mind is pointless. Tenchi, \plain\i\f16 ask her to stay\plain\f16 .\par \tab Please. \par \tab I ask this not for myself, out of any desire for grandchildren (although God knows I would like to be a grandpa before I die), but because I don\'92t want you to let her slip away. I was so lucky with your mother. She was an angel from heaven (or from Jurai, as the case turned out to be). I can see so much of her in this one girl, and you would be a fool to let her walk away without at least trying to tell her how you feel.\par \tab Sleep is overtaking me again. The image of Achika on the screen is now tending to breakfast, turning back from time to time to smile at me. Pixelized image and reality begin to blur as my eyes defocus. My only rest is in my dreams, where Achika is alive and we have a grandchild on the way. It\'92ll just be a matter of time....\par \tab As unconsciousness takes me, my last thought is: \plain\i\f16 Please, Tenchi, don\'92t let her get away. Don\'92t let Kiy--\plain\f16 \par \par \tab The door slides open and the girls file into the house, still talking about the movie. Tenchi brings up the rear and shuts it behind them. \par \tab \'93That was a good movie!\'94 says Sasami excitedly. Ryo-ohki \plain\i\f16 mi-ya\plain\f16 s in agreement.\par \tab Kiyone nods and stretches, yawning. For a brief second, her eyes meet Tenchi\'92s and they linger for an instant before breaking away.\par \tab \'93Are you and Mihoshi working tomorrow?\'94 he asks.\par \tab Kiyone shakes her head. \'93We finally got a day off.\'94 She sighs. \'93Of course, we\'92ll probably have to spend the whole time answering emergency calls.\'94\par \tab \'93You\'92re welcome to stay the night,\'94 Tenchi offers, trying not too sound to eager.\par \tab She looks up, trying to hide the sudden sparkle in her eyes. \'93Uhh, thank you, Tenchi, I think we\'92ll take you up on that offer. Won\'92t we, Miho--\'94 She groans as she sees her partner already asleep on the floor. \'93Oh, great.\'94\par \tab \'93Don\'92t worry about it,\'94 says Ryoko. \'93Just let her sleep on the floor. She won\'92t know the difference.\'94 Her gaze falls upon the sleeping form of Nobuyuki. \'93Hey, Tenchi, your dad\'92s crashed on the couch.\'94\par \tab Tenchi rolls his eyes in exasperation. \'93Oh, brother. Did he fall asleep watching dirty movies again?\'94 He glares at the TV. Whatever movie his father may have been watching has long since played out, for the only thing on-screen is static. Reaching for the remote, he sees the video box. \'93What was it tonight?\'94 he wonders aloud. He picks it up, looks at the label, and drops the box, an amazed expression on his face.\tab \par \tab Kiyone is the first to notice this. \'93Tenchi, what\'92s wrong?\'94\par \tab \'93N-n-nothing....\'94 Unaware of the strange and worried looks the girls are giving him, Tenchi picks up the remote and hits the play button. The screen goes from static to blue, and his mother, smiling at the camera. \'93Nobuyuki!\'94 she scolds playfully. \'93Put that camera down and give your wife a kiss!\'94 The picture shifts, and Tenchi\'92s father, not much different in appearance but walking taller and looking more alive than today, comes into the frame. He picks up Achika in his arms and starts kissing her, causing her to giggle like a schoolgirl and kick her feet in the air.\par \tab Tenchi is staring transfixed at the screen, and the girls are all doing likewise. \'93That\'92s your mom, Tenchi,\'94 says Sasami quietly.\par \tab Tenchi nods. His hand, while still holding the remote, refuses to move. Finally, he manages to bring it up and point it at the TV. The screen goes blank. He looks over at his father, the amazed expresion still on his face. A smile slowly grows on his face. Wordlessly he rushes upstairs and retrieves a blanket. Draping it over his father\'92s prone form, he leans down and whispers in Nobuyuki\'92s ear, \'93Good night, dad.\'94 He then moves over to.Mihoshi. Taking her by the arms, he tells Kiyone, \'93You take her feet, and we\'92ll carry her up to bed.\par \par \tab In another realm, a beautiful woman looks down on a man asleep on a couch. Her eyes are brimming over with love as she gazes at him. \'93Hello, my love,\'94 she tells him. \'93I\'92ve been waiting all day for you. Now we have all night to be together.\'94\par \tab The man shifts in his sleep. A small smile, not unlike that of a husband arriving home to find his beloved wife waiting at the door for him, appears on his face.\par \par \par \tab \tab \tab \tab \tab The End\par \par \par \tab Author\'92s Notes: This is my first solo fanfic, and the result of several months spent psychoanalyzing \plain\i\f16 anime\plain\f16 characters. This may be a little choppy at times, but I believe it gets the point across. What point is that, you may ask? The point is that Nobuyuki is not just a dirty old man. He is a man who lost the love of his life inexplicably and cannot bring himself to try again (that would be too much like betraying Achika), so he creates this shell that keeps out anyone who he might be attracted to. I might well do the same if I lost the woman I loved. As to why Tenchi doesn\'92t know it\'92s an act: Nobuyuki\'92s been keeping this up for so long it almost \plain\i\f16 is\plain\f16 real. The real man is still there, but he rarely ventures forth anymore. He has little reason to.\par \par \tab Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I hope to produce a more refined version of this in the future, but this will suffice for now. Send all messages to \plain\f16\ul \par keiichi\plain\f16 or to \plain\f16\ul\plain\f16 (yes, I am also the Lord Yosho that co-writes \plain\i\f16 Mugen Tenchi Muyo!\plain\f16 For those reader who would like to connect this into that FF series\'92 chronology, it takes place just before episode #1, \'93No Need For New Arrivals!\'94\par \par \tab \'93I can\'92t wait to see it....your dream house.\'94\par \tab \'93Our dream is still very much alive even now, right, Achika?\'94\par \tab \'93Yes. Time is short, but Nobuyuki and I will live our lives to the fullest, I swear. \tab That\'92s all that really matters.\'94\par \par \par }


The preceeding was a work of fiction. Any statements regarding any person, place, or other entity (real or imaginary) is the sole responibility of the author of this work of fiction. Fan Works Inc. takes no responsibility for the content of user submitted stories. All stories based on real people are works of fiction and do not necessarily reflect on the nature of the individuals featured. All stories based on other copyrighted works are written with authors knowing that these works violate copyright laws.

Please see the Terms of Service for more information.

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