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Sassy                   (User #8175) N/A 04/09/2011 06:56:37pm

I just found this on a random story hunt and WOW!!!!! This was perfect,
the whole thing. It's so calm, which is exactly how I picture Andy (unless
he's angry, but I think that he's not quick to anger). But it's also so sad
that he's resigned to always being in thhe shadow of everyone else.
What he forgets is he's lovely and his eyes can light up a room - I've
seen them do it!

This was fantastic! Why not do the same story from Patrick's POV? I'd
love to read that!

Sas xx

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 06/26/2010 02:39:25pm

I love this... I just had to come back and read this little gem. It's such a
sweet read with such emphasis and just the right tone... ;)
it's awesome. You've got very nice talent of writing... Keep up all your
excellent work.

Kit                   (User #7992) N/A 11/05/2009 12:29:36pm

Just found this and all I gotta say is... awww Andersdy! *pout* he never does get any love, well in fics he does at least =) Awesome one-shot!

lakeeffectkid                   (User #7777) N/A 08/17/2009 01:45:10am

I love this. Andy doesn't get much love, neither does Joe for that matter. I would love to read a sequel or some kind of continuation of this story line.

fishingnuns                   (User #7507) N/A 08/14/2009 03:16:42am

I love it!
I adore Andy and he doesn't get nearly enough attention, so even though this is him never getting the girl he wants, it just makes me want to give him a happy ending all the more.

mistress'of'stump238                   (User #7767) N/A 08/14/2009 02:15:58am

well done. admirable work! i agree with stump-o-matic-girl that its a new favorite! luuurrrvvvveeeddd it!

stumplover89                   (User #6833) N/A 08/12/2009 01:35:47pm

I digged it. Lol.
It was nice reading about someone's relationship from another person's
perspective. It's different. I hope you'll be writing an actual full length story
soon cause you're good. Or you could actually make this one shot into a story.
I loved it (I think I already said that, lol)

Stump-o-matic-girl                   (User #7189) N/A 08/11/2009 09:54:09pm

OMIGOD! Love it, love it, love it love it!
Oh, I love this, a new FAVORITE! :D
I can't think of much else to say. I love how it's through the eyes of Andy too. I feel so bad for him... poor guy. But man, do I love this! (Have I mentioned that yet?)

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