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Part #10 - Chapter 9: Meet Your Insecurities
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/19/2009 11:54:15am

The best fanfic, probably ever.

Part #9 - Chapter 8: You Go Up, I Go Down, When Do We Meet In The Middle?
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/19/2009 11:44:40am

Enough said.

Part #8 - Chapter 7: One Soul Became Two
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/19/2009 11:11:26am

This story is fucking amazing!
My comments suck because that's really all I can say.

Part #7 - Chapter 6: Death Is A Net That Gathers All Old Deaths In It
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/19/2009 09:39:32am

Dude, this is such an awesome story.

Part #5 - Chapter 4: We Meet Again For The Second Time
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 09:13:35pm

Damn, i would have called ghost busters.
Gerard seems so confused v.v

Part #24 - Chapter 23: A Shrew Left Untamed
C. Sinclair                   (User #7697) N/A 09/18/2009 08:22:21pm

i read this before and i loved it, and i still love it!
I actually had to skim right now, i have to get to a marching band soon (yeah i'm a geek) But it's still awesome!
Aww, they made up! Awesome party!
Can't wait for more!

Part #4 - Chapter 3: I Saw You There That Night
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 07:55:29pm

Is it miiiikkeyyy?
I read asthma attack and i was like "Yup, thats mikey."

Part #3 - Chapter 2: We Meet Again For The First Time
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 07:36:06pm

The house reminded me of the place in luigi's mansion.
I have no idea why.
Haha, this is really good.

Part #2 - Chapter 1: Dreams Of You
NattSavage                   (User #7923) N/A 09/18/2009 07:17:08pm

fuck dude!
Thats probably the best fanfic ive read all day.
And my leg is broken, so i cant walk away from my computer.
Meaning ive probably read about 30 fanfics today.
Fucking love it:)

Part #23 - Chapter 22: As Cold As A Dish Gets
shadzlove                   (User #5955) N/A 01/18/2009 04:34:30pm

Oh man, some brotherly issues there?
Can't wait for the next chapter.
And now I'm all caught up! YAY!

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