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Today is Jan.8th and im a thirteen year old girl(: tomorrow i will be 14(:.. I Live in Kansas right now but im not very country and i dont live on a farm(: My best friend marissa is an amazing writer on here so check her amazing stories out on blAdeKilljoy6S. I cant write fan stories but ill try(: im very good with normal stories(: I usually base my stories on my past or other peoples past. I think this website will help me do what my councler told me to and write about my life. (: hope you enjoy it (: and if anyone wants to be in it just message me on here yur first and middle name. Thanks again(: -- Katelyn Barrett
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  • The chosen - Review This Story!

    Im a 14 year old "mother" to my 6 year old sister. We live in abandon ware house and my parents were murdered. And i have to make a choice. Im i evil or an angel? On my 15th birthday i have to make the choice.. Will i save or end the world.

    Category: Fiction >> Science Fiction
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Suspense
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 1016
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 647
    Posted: 03/27/2011 07:08:29pm
    Updated: 03/27/2011 07:08:29pm

  • Aqua Princess - Review This Story!

    My greek myth

    Category: Fiction >> Mystery
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Mystery
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 279
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 326
    Posted: 03/01/2011 01:24:16am
    Updated: 03/01/2011 01:24:16am

  • I survived hell for this long. - Review This Story!

    This is telling my life story... Just don't feel sorry ..

    Category: Drama >> General
    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Tragedy
    Chapters: 4
    Words: 2185
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 1839
    Posted: 01/08/2011 04:43:48pm
    Updated: 01/08/2011 04:43:48pm

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