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  1. srry theres no harry potter catogory!!!- draco malfoy love story By XxShockxTreatmentxX - Review This Story!

    well this is about/ in the poin of veiw of a gorl vannessa riddle. she is the daughter of voldemort n grand daughter of the sorce. she is going to hogwarts as a transsfer she is to be married to someone who she doesnt no. she/you will have long brown hair green eyes n be very butiful every power a witch or demon could ask for u have!!!

    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: Self-Insertion > Fantasy
    Chapters: 0
    Words: 0
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 0
    Posted: 02/07/2007 04:15:29pm
    Updated: 02/07/2007 04:15:29pm

  2. Love and Gingerbread Cookies By Specks - Review This Story!

    Selene reflects about the fluidity of life, change, and Michael. The surprise of love, and the bittersweetness of betrayal. EXCERPT: Her fingers itched to tuck away those loose strands of damaged gold, to feel the texture of his skin, to cradle that powerful, muscular frame and offer—if only for a moment—some illusion of safety.

    Rated: G
    Language: English
    Genre: General > Romance
    Chapters: 1
    Words: 2392
    Reviews: 0
    Views: 1695
    Posted: 09/16/2006 04:01:28am
    Updated: 09/16/2006 04:01:28am

  3. UNDERWORLD By Faith - Review This Story!

    me and my friend started writing this ages ago and now theres sumwhere to post it so i'm putting it here and will put chapter to up if i'm asked to by anybody in a review or via e-mail. please R&R and let me know what you all think PLEASE!!!!

    Rated: R
    Language: English
    Genre: Alt. Universe/Timeline > Action/Adventure > Horror
    Chapters: 2
    Words: 9220
    Reviews: 1
    Views: 2729
    Posted: 12/27/2005 01:05:59am
    Updated: 12/27/2005 01:07:24am

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