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The Future of (05/11/2013)
I am in a quandary these days.... this site has been around for a long, long time, but, it basically runs on its own anymore, as I've gotten older, I spend less and less time thinking about writing fan fiction or maintaining the back end of this server anymore.

The code is horribly antiquated, as is the design and I don't have the energy or motivation to throw at it anymore.

The usage has dropped off rather drastically, which is compelling me towards a complete closure of the server for good.

But, I give you all an option. I've opened a FB page for the website, if you, the users, can rally membership and bring enough people to the table to compel me to keep this server up and running, this is your chance to do so.

Sign up and speak :).

Back online after some Maintainence (06/28/2011)
Hey folks, we're back online again, took the server down for a few hours to do some maintenance work and dump a clone of the system to a new development box I've been building to take back with me to the RV Park.

We should be good to go now :)

Keep those bug reports coming!

Server problems of late (06/23/2011)
Howdy folks, as you may have guessed, the server's been acting up alot lately.

A big part of the problem came from a couple of Script Kiddies trying to attack the system, plus the user load has been causing the server to simply crash on its own.

I've done some fixes over the last couple days that will hopefully mitigate the problems, but if you see a bug, please use the Support form to notify me and I'll fix it as fast as I can.

I am normally only on every couple days unless I'm visiting family where a regular access point is available. The Wifi has been dead for three months at the RV Park where I live and I can't afford cell-phone based internet on my current income, so its hit and miss when I can get online, so things get missed easy.

Sorry for the problems this has been causing, with luck, she'll stabilize again and run smoothly for a while.

Coming soon...
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Anti-Gay Camp >> Some People Are More Clueless Than Others (R)
by CutieMcfoREVer

"You could get use to Brian sticking things in your mouth?"...

Category: Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Avenged Sevenfold
Genre: Slash > Drama
Posted: 04/11/2014 01:27:46am

Warped Disaster >> Chapter Eleven (G)
by BlueAndYellow

Closer to the edge....

Category: Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Simple Plan
Genre: General > Romance
Posted: 04/02/2014 10:29:58pm

A Twist Of Fate >> Chapter Nine (G)
by BlueAndYellow

Breaking's what the heart is for....

Category: Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Simple Plan
Genre: General > Romance
Posted: 04/02/2014 09:54:57pm

Sick and Tired of Being the Good Guy >> Zacky Baker (PG)
by Fearing Syn

Neither Max nor Zacky appreciated being called 'it'....

Category: Musicians/Music Groups Fan Fiction >> Avenged Sevenfold
Posted: 03/16/2014 07:02:33pm

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